Building on the framework of the UX prototype, our visual designers work their magic. Distinctive design means different things according to your industry, brand, user profile and goals. Drawing inspiration from your brand, competitive landscape, alternative sectors and trends, we craft a stand-out visual interface. Our designers constantly consume global digital and design innovations to bring a breadth of conceptual ideas to make your experience look and feel unique and compelling.

Crafting visual distinction

The role of the visual designer is to ensure that each experience delivers on the business’ brand promise and values. The user experience prototype provides a framework for the design deliverables and the key components and interactions that influence the customer’s experience.

Building brands online

Our design team is well versed in bringing brands to life on the various devices they are experienced on, creating a visual user interface with the brand values and target audience in mind. Our designers collaborate directly with developers to ensure the product meets the conceptual and brand direction before it goes to market.

Accessible web design and content

Making your content easily accessible to a wider audience with varying abilities is standard practice at Bravo. Both our visual designers and developers are engaged in meeting global Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to make your content more accessible to people with disabilities. We’ll work with you to determine target compliance levels and encourage you to test your solution with users with varying abilities.

It’s important to make a great impression

Every impression on your site is an opportunity to influence your customers positively. Consider your digital interfaces as an invitation - it should entice your users to do more. Your visual design reflects the quality of your offering and the brand you represent. We can support you with a range of visual design services:

    Digital brand concepts and identities

    Our team can support you to create a new identity or visual concept for an emerging brand, campaign or idea. We have supported numerous digital startups to get off the ground with an identity that goes beyond their website.

    Digital style / visual language guides

    We are experienced in collaborating with brand agencies and other designers to extend the digital identity and visual language, providing corporate guides for ongoing implementation and consistency.

    Iconography and illustration

    Visual cues and icons enable fast-acting and diverse user groups to quickly identify and engage with your content. We apply our impeccable illustration and design skills to create a unique yet recognisable suite of icons and illustrations that enhance interactions.


    Movement provides important visual cues and adds depth and vitality to any digital interface. Our designers and developers are skilled in creating subtle and seamless animations as well as bold and striking motion concepts.

    Video and photography production

    Our creative team will help you to define the brief, storyboard, creative direction and production of premium video and photo content to enhance your design and customer engagement.