Gathering relevant insights to inform our ideation is an important first step. To manage change, we need a comprehensive picture of where you are now and where you want to be as well as where the technology and customer expectations are heading. You need to ensure that what you create now will set you in the right direction for the future evolution of your business.

  • Research and define the challenge

    At Bravo, our approach to design is research-led. Before we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, we explore how we can best meet your needs. This means listening carefully to your unique business drivers, delving into the latest design thinking, understanding your competitors, consulting with your target audience through surveys and interviews, and engaging with your project stakeholders

  • User research

    Through a human-centred and co-design approach, we encourage our clients to increase their understanding of user profiles, wants and needs through qualitative and quantitative research. Drawing on your wealth of existing data and knowledge, we typically conduct desktop analysis and workshops with your key stakeholders to identify gaps in understanding and areas for exploration. We work with you to produce and coordinate surveys, interviews and workshops to inform the solution design process. Usability testing of your current solution can also inform opportunities for future developments.

  • Facilitation and stakeholder engagement

    Building internal support and external engagement for your vision or project demands collaboration. Bravo’s team is adept at facilitating conversations and information exchange amongst diverse groups to build understanding of requirements, desired outcomes and engagement in the change process.

  • Competitive analysis

    Working across multiple sectors exposes us to wide-ranging trends and technologies that could benefit your business. With constant advances, we recommend conducting a point-in-time analysis of your competitor mix as well as those in alternate industries, to identify areas to play in and areas to avoid. This helps us ensure your solution is progressive and distinctive.

  • Digital transformation and roadmap planning

    Coupled with our technical reviews and consultation services, we work with you to map out the sequencing of initiatives that will position your business for future growth and expansion. We consider your goals alongside constraints of time and budget, supporting business cases for change and a program of activity your business can get behind.

  • Project scoping and definition

    During the discovery phase, we’ll set the baseline for our work together. This involves capturing current and future requirements, prioritising, scoping functionality and nice-to-haves, and agreeing on the approach we will take together. Learn more about project management at Bravo.