User Experience is at the heart of all that we do. Our specialist team has been leading UX since before it was widely embraced as a requirement for effective digital and marketing strategies. With a depth of knowledge that is hard to match, our proven approach and methodologies for user research, persona creation, user stories and journey mapping, prototyping and testing ensure your solutions are as user-centred and effective as they can be.

  • Understanding the users and problems to solve

    Drawing on the insights gathered in the Discovery phase, we build out user groups or personas to design for. This includes capturing their goals, current ways of solving them and jobs to be done. We map out the range of user stories and possible journeys and identify routes that we can take to achieve both business and user goals.

  • Ideate solutions

    Once we’re confident that we’ve understood your objectives and the possibilities for your business, we begin imagining and crafting solutions. With your end-user at the forefront of our minds, we start to design the roadmap for a seamless customer experience. During this stage we will often tackle the information architecture of your solution. Working collaboratively, we choose one or more options to prototype and test with real users.

  • Interactive prototyping

    After distilling the information and our ideas, we build a prototype, or a blueprint, for your solution. It can be as simple as sketched concepts and wireframes or a comprehensive, high-fidelity interactive prototype. This prototype is iterated upon and amended with your feedback and the feedback of your target users. Interactive prototyping means that the final solution fully considers the functional user-experience and provides a baseline for the visual design, integrations, technical specifications and development.

  • User testing

    An invaluable stage, user testing is the process of validating that your digital solution will be easy to use, functional and meet your goals. Informed by the early research and our team’s expertise, we are usually confident in the proposed solution, but we always gain valuable insights when testing with real users. We create hypotheses, plan, test and analyse, addressing any unforeseen blockers or opportunities for improvement in the prototype before we move on to visual design. User testing, with real people who represent your customers, allows us to iterate and build confidence in the solution. Getting it right at this early stage avoids the need to iterate further down the track when making changes can be more costly.