Digital Property Solutions

From buyers to sellers, agents to developers, and everyone inbetween, we can help to digitally transform your processes and experiences to provide better engagement and outcomes.

Studio Bravo really took the time to understand our industry and needs, which was reflected within their initial pitch and ultimately their product delivery. They definitely stood out from the competition. Our software is not client-facing, but has improved our sales team output and efficiency tenfold. A young & intelligent team who are great to work with.

Calum Bolt — Business Development Manager, 8 Homes / Mahercorp

Why you should partner with Bravo

We’re proud of what we've been able to deliver for our clients in the property sector. By choosing Bravo as your trusted partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Our specialist in-house team of designers and developers, with 12 years of experience working on a variety of property-related projects
  • Experience integrating with industry-specific third parties, like Salesforce
  • The ability to work across marketing websites, mobile apps and complex web platforms

Whether you need a new website or app, or just looking for someone to extend or support your current digital properties, we’re here to help.

Explore our work in Property

From developing your new online home to creating a brand new digital product to designing a new brand, there are countless ways we can partner with you.

Salta Properties

We were briefed by Salta Properties to reposition its brand by showcasing its portfolio. With an aim to champion their strengths, we implemented a complete re-design and re-build of Salta’s online home. 

Built on Umbraco CMS, our website solution integrates with Salta’s Salesforce CRM for enhanced data insights.

View our Salta Properties case study


Our powerful bespoke digital product for Tenfold digitises the common interactions between Tenant Representatives and Leasing Agents.

Replacing inefficient and outdated paper processes, Tenfold’s custom digital portal transforms communication in the commercial leasing market. 

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Development Victoria

Development Victoria came to us needing a complete redesign of their website to improve the digital user experience. 

Through extensive research and discovery activities, cost-effective planning and a UX-first approach, we delivered a high-quality mobile responsive platform that better catered to the many different users of the website.

View our Development Victoria case study

House & Land World

We created a new digital system for Mahercorp, enabling their Eight Homes and Urbanedge sales teams to generate increased house and land package sales. Complete with REA integration, our bespoke industry-leading digital solution increased the sales team output and efficiency tenfold.

Following this success, we worked with Mahercorp to develop House & Land World - a new customer-facing website that integrates both with their new custom solution and their Salesforce CRM.

View our House & Land World case study