You can rely on the Bravo development team to deliver the vision for your digital customer experience using the latest in flexible, scalable, secure and speedy technology and systems.

We develop mobile applications, web applications, highly scalable digital products with sophisticated back-end processing, data and system integrations, payment gateways, eCommerce solutions, restful APIs and much more.

Cross-disciplinary teams delivering functional solutions

We aim to provide you with the level of autonomy or support you want for your business moving forward. Each project at Bravo features a collaborative and cross-disciplinary team that work together and with you throughout the process - engaging from the early concepts and designs through to execution, launch and optimisation. With a cool and calm solution-focused mentality, the team strategises, problem-solves and delivers on a daily basis.

Front-end interface development

The front-end of a digital solution is what the user sees and interacts with. Our front-end developers employ the latest in HTML and CSS techniques as well as leading JavaScript frameworks, build platforms, package managers to bring visual designs to life online.
Our software engineering team follows proven development patterns to eliminate mistakes, save time, and start working on projects as soon as possible.

Back-end development

The back-end of a website or app is powered by a system that users can’t see - it’s the engine that only administrators can access. Bravo works across a number of platforms, content management systems, ecommerce systems and will always tailor the solution according to your needs and the proposed solution. We have developed sophisticated solutions on platforms such as Sitecore, Umbraco and NopCommerce, native and hybrid applications, virtual reality applications and more.

Data and IT systems security and safeguards

Our software quality assurance processes assist with detecting and correcting problems and encourages higher standards of care. Testing (user, functional and regression, etc) is conducted at multiple stages of any project.

All code is peer-reviewed to ensure it is of the highest standard, and our deployment checklists ensure we tick every box, every time.

For quality and accessibility verification for all devices, we use tools such as:

Bravo develops software with testing in mind and one of the key software practices we adapt is the use of Unit Tests for all core functionality. This allows the development team to run tests whenever a code update is made, ensuring the same outcome is achieved after each change.

Above and beyond testing conducted by our software testing team, 3rd party tools are utilised to ensure the website cannot be hacked, broken, commandeered, overloaded, or blocked by denial of service attacks, within acceptable risk levels. These tests include:

  • OWASP security checks, SSL verification, Cross-scripting and Clickjacking security checks
  • Speed, load and performance tests

Hosting and support

We make the complex or unknown much simpler - providing you with the utmost uptime and support when you need it! We deliver our hosting through Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure which provide the control and stability you need. Our hosting and support service agreements are adapted to your needs, encompassing:

  • Server Licensing
  • Managed Firewall
  • Network Management
  • Server and Website monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Dealing with third-party support services
  • Managed Backups and backup monitoring
  • Peace of mind that Bravo will resolve any server related issues