Digital Product Development

We partner with driven businesses and individuals to create digital products that solve real problems. Through a genuinely collaborative approach, we’ll work with you to realise your digital ambitions. And we'll be with you every step of the way.

Every new project at Bravo is assigned a dedicated and experienced Digital Project Manager to guide you through the end-to-end digital product development process. 

Choose Bravo as your new digital partner for a purpose-driven, thoughtful digital product that solves important problems for your business and users.

Tenfold is incredibly thankful to the whole Studio Bravo team for their ongoing support from the initial concepts to delivery of the product. Throughout the whole process they have delivered well above our expectations and were always quick to address any questions we had, allowing us to realise our vision.

Charlie Betts — Tenfold Co-founder
  • Start-Ups

    You’ve got an amazing idea for a new digital product. But what next? We can work with you to research your target audience, define your key requirements, craft your brand and build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Drawing on our extensive start-up experience, we’ll listen, learn and continuously improve your product until the optimum outcome is achieved.

  • Scale-Ups

    We can help you to take your established, profitable product to the next level of growth. Whether it's extending the product capabilities by adding new features or adapting the product to reach a new target audience, we’ll work with you to maximise the appeal, stability and usefulness of your digital product.

  • Corporate Innovators

    Partner with Bravo to digitally transform your enterprise-level business. Want to build a new product to test a hypothesis? Replace inefficient processes with a streamlined automated system? Or act on an innovative idea that will open the doors to a new market? Whatever your needs, we can help to seize your business opportunities through the power of digital.

Explore our custom product development work

We have an abundance of experience in taking new innovative ideas and turning them into digital solutions that Bravo and our clients are proud of. 


We brought Tenfold’s vision to life with a powerful digital portal that transforms communication in the commercial leasing space. Our bespoke digital product for Tenfold replaces outdated paper processes with a scalable and efficient technical solution.

View our Tenfold case study


We designed, built and launched WelcomeFit, a custom real-time video-streaming service and workout booking and administration platform that connects fitness customers and athletes with professional trainers on any device.

View our WelcomeFit case study

House & Land World

We created a new digital system for Mahercorp, enabling their Eight Homes and Urbanedge sales teams to generate increased house and land package sales. Complete with REA integration, our bespoke industry-leading digital solution increased the sales team output and efficiency tenfold.

Following this success, we worked with Mahercorp to develop House & Land World - a new customer-facing website that integrates both with their new custom solution and their Salesforce CRM.

View our House & Land World case study

Deakin University

We've collaborated with Deakin University to create a number of functional tools such as a Harvard Reference Generator, an online booking tool and a responsive Chinese content-managed website to appeal to international students.

Exercising our wide digital product development capabilities, our projects with Deakin have always hit the mark. 

View our Deakin University case study